StarStrimmer Tractor Mounted Under Fence Mower / Trimmer
The Starstrimmer is a unique mower designed to mow 360 degrees around posts and fencing for regular maintenance, non stop mowing, the fence trimmer can be put into two different positions, whilst mowing, the fence trimmer can take full advantage of its working width. During transport the mower can be easily retracted through the use of a hydraulic system.

The mowing head can also be adjusted on the move to accommodate slopes up to 45 degrees and declines downwards 30 degrees

The Starstrimmer can be used where a hand strimmer is the only alternative, and is at least fifteen times faster and more consistent. It is particularly suitable for racecourses, horse training establishments, stud farms, orchards, leisure / caravan parks, organic farms and also livestock farms where electric fences are used, Solar farms, local authorities, golf courses, highway crash barriers, the use is endless.

The Starstrimmer has a 3 point linkage mounting, expandable frame which allows adaption for different width of track. Precise floatation is provided by the spring suspension to ensure consistent stubble height. The 3 cutting heads are mounted on a revolving star, powered by the tractors own or an integral hydraulic system. The cutting system is mounted to the side of the tractor/loader, can either be front or rear mounted and for optimum contour following, with no need to reverse. The machine can also be mounted to a front loader.

As the strimmer head comes in contact with the post it is allowed to rotate and lets the next head trim growth from the far side, normal grass is handled by four cutting lines on each rotor, with optional steel blades available for heavier growth. The patented system ensures that the unit is kind to posts and is more effective than a hand held strimmer in cutting all of the growth.

The patented system can cope with posts up to 150mm wide and needs only 30cm below the lowest rail with a minimum post spacing of 1.1mt.
One man operation from a comfortable seat

Suitable for 20 - 90hp tractors

No tedious strimming

No vibration

No petrol. No fumes

No grass scalping

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Take the strain out of strimming by using the StarStrimmer whilst sitting in the comfort of your tractor seat