J R Lea
Tractor & Driver For Hire.
Machines are for hire on a daily or weekly terms to suit your needs. Each hire comes with a fully trained operator.

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and all our work is carried out to the highest standard, with over 20 years experience. Tractors are very light on compaction so won't make too much mess.

Maintenance work undertaken, on regular contracts or just a one off.

Under Fence Mower - cuts / mows 360 degree's around posts to keep your fence line clean, especially where electric fence and plastic fencing is used, ideal where a lot of strimming is involved .

Major Roller Mower - suitable for a wide range of applications including polo fields, cricket and sports fields, school and golf grounds.

Topping - keeps your paddocks topped, weeds down & from going to seed.

Spring Tine Grass Harrowing - spreads molehills and muck, removes moss, thatch & dead grass to allow for new growth, also helps aerate the soil.

Rolling - levels the ground & bruises the grass to encourage growth, also pushes stones back into the ground if been pulled up by harrowing.

Aerating - reduces water run off / soil compaction, opens up the ground to allow air & water to get down to those healthy roots, reducing your fertilizer costs.

Re-seeding - affordable and effective in establishing grass on bare patches or on whole fields.

Spreading Fertilizer - using a slow release fertilizer to make your grass grow and deliver the correct
nutrients over a period off weeks rather than a rush grow causing laminitis.

Solar Farm Topping - topping between the rows and under the front and rear of the panels etc.

Potato Planting - single row automatic planting machine.

Also other services offered, please contact us for further details.

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Honest, Prompt & Friendly Service
E mail: john.lea@jrlea.co.uk
Fully Insured.
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