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No upheaval
Consistent Growth
Suregrow avoids lush growth and associated health problems through content of slow release nitrogen.
Enriched grass
Sustained growth
Resilient roots
Nitrogen balanced
Nitrogen balanced with phased release over the growth season to give steady growth.
Tractor Hydraulic StarStrimmer
In combination with tractors and loaders, the mower is able to trim NON-STOP grass and weeds from underneath fences and all around posts of various circumferences.

The StarStrimmer can be mounted onto different types of tractors or loaders, either as a front-mounted or rear-mounted machine.

It mows under fence and around fence posts, trims street kerbs as well as delineator posts, it clears orchards and trees of undesirable grass and weeds.

Depending on the strength of the growth, trimmer heads can be optionally fitted with either steel blades and/or nylon trimmer cord.

During use, the StarStrimmer can be put into two different positions Working position: while mowing, the trimmer can take full advantage of it's 95cm working width.
- During transport, the mower can be easily retracted through the use of the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic support can also be used for adjusting mowing positions for inclines (slopes) up to +45 deg and declines (trenches) down to -30 deg.
The heart of the StarStrimmer consists of the trimmer-head spider, around whose middle three side arms are each equipped with a pivoted trimmer head. The fence trimmer is to be mounted onto the hydraulic system (on the front or rear) of the vechicle .

The trimmer-head spider protrudes from the side of the vechicle and be guided under a fence due to its flat construction.

The vechicle approaches and the trimmer-head spider with a working width of 0.95m mows down grass, due to its central location of the trimmer-head spider, on which three trimmer heads are mounted, it can pivot around its middle axis when working around obstacles
(such as posts). It frees obstacles of grass and weeds independently, so there is no need to stop the vechicle.

By means of the patent-pending trimmer head spider, stopping to trim posts or similar objects are not necessary. The most unique feature of the StarStrimmer is its versatility to suit a wide range of applications.

For smaller tractors that don't have an adequate oil flow of 30Lt/min there is the option of having a PTO shaft driven hydraulic pump / oil reservoir with oil cooler fitted.

Power requirements: 25-30Lt/min oil flow

Requires: 1 Single or Double acting spool with free flow return

Linkage: Cat 1 or 2 or loader brackets can be fitted

Weight: Approx 280kg

Price: From £10500.00 + VAT
New PTO power pack version available for smaller size tractors that only have a very small hydraulic oil supply making this machine self sufficient.
The oil tank is mounted on the opposite side of the machine depending on which side is chosen at the time of order.