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Perfect Gear Driven Rotary Mowers
"LK" Series Gear driven rotary mower.
Standard configuration:
- Cutting blades driven directly from the gearboxes
- Tractor 3-pt. linkage cat. 11
- PTO speed 540 rpm
- Walterscheid PTO shaft with friction and overrunning clutch
- 2 or 3 generously overlapping, replaceable and reversible swing-away blades
- Terrain adjustment and cutting height setup by means of 2 skids
- Offset possibility
- Flexible rubber shock absorbers on the shafts of each gearbox
Available options
- Support saucer (per rotor)
- Rear roller
- Hydraulic offset feature (with hydraulic ram including 2 hoses (280cm) with 1/2
quick release couplings
Available in 4 different cutting widths
- LK -185 6'1"
- LK -215 7'1"
- LK -245 8'1"
- LK -275 9'0"
Rotary toppers that have been designed for heavier topping and cutting
of longer material.

Two or three timed cutting blades ensure strip free cutting even in parcels where the grass is cut less frequently. Cutting blades are not driven by V-belts, but directly from the gearboxes.

Flexible rubber shock absorbers on the in/output shafts of each gearbox, as well as an overrunning clutch and an overload protection clutch on the PTO shaft, protect the driveline optimally.